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Mar 012013

Getting help with execution plans outside of your company can be a challenge, since you may not be willing to share information such as server names, database names, object names, schema, column names, index structure, and so on. Read on to see how you can protect your execution plans with a free PowerShell script from Jonathan Kehayias of SQLskills.

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Feb 112013

SQL Sentry has released a new Q & A site,, that integrates with SQL Sentry Plan Explorer. This integration allows users to upload execution plans from directly within the application, and get feedback and suggestions from noted execution plan experts, including Paul White. Read on to learn more…

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Oct 302012

My co-worker Steve Wright (blog | @SQL_Steve) prodded me with a question recently on a strange result he was seeing. In order to test some functionality in our latest tool, SQL Sentry Plan Explorer PRO, he had manufactured a wide and large table, and was running a variety of queries against it. In one case he was returning a lot of data, but STATISTICS IO was showing that very few reads were taking place.

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Conditional Order By

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Aug 082012

A common scenario in many client-server applications is allowing the end user to dictate the sort order of results. Some people want to see the lowest priced items first, some want to see the newest items first, and some want to see them alphabetically. This is a complex thing to achieve in Transact-SQL because you can't just throw @SortColumn and @SortDirection into a straight T-SQL query.

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