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In these books, you will find useful, hand-picked articles that will help give insight into some of your most vexing performance problems. These articles were written by several of the SQL Server industry’s leading experts, including Aaron Bertrand, Paul White, Paul Randal, Jonathan Kehayias, Erin Stellato, Glenn Berry, and Joe Sack.

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Erin Stellato is a Principal Consultant with SQLskills and a Microsoft Data Platform MVP.

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About SQLPerformance.com

This blog delivers innovative and practical solutions for improving SQL Server performance. We’re dedicated to covering the “how” and “why” of your performance conundrums. Our guidance will provide you with functional knowledge to improve performance whether or not you are in control of your database development.

Whether you are dealing with a 3rd party application database where much is out of your control, or a situation where getting the application developers to change anything is next to impossible, we strive to assist you in making better-informed choices about your SQL Server performance.

The site is powered by the team at SentryOne, and you will see contributions from some of the more esteemed names in the SQL Server community, including guest posts from the SentryOne Product Advisory Council, as well as our regular contributors:

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