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Nov 022012

I have a few people to thank for a recent update to Plan Explorer. Brooke Philpott (@Macromullet) and Greg Gonzalez (blog | @SQLsensei), of course, for R & D and for digging into the code and sorting it out. But also to Paul White (blog | @SQL_kiwi) for being persistent in helping us validate the fixes.

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Aug 012012

The "Don't Repeat Yourself" principle suggests that you should reduce repetition. This week I came across a case where DRY should be thrown out the window. There are other cases as well (for example, scalar functions), but this one was an interesting one involving Bitwise logic.

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Jul 242012

I see a lot of advice out there that says something along the lines of, "Change your cursor to a set-based operation; that will make it faster." While that can often be the case, it's not always true. One use case I see where a cursor repeatedly outperforms the typical set-based approach is the calculation of running totals. This is because the set-based approach usually has to look at some portion of the underlying data more than one time, which can be an exponentially bad thing as the data gets larger; whereas a cursor – as painful as it might sound – can step through each row/value exactly once.

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