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Jan 182013

Earlier in this series (Part 1 | Part 2) we talked about generating a series of numbers using various techniques. While interesting, and useful in some scenarios, a more practical application is to generate a series of contiguous dates; for example, a report that requires showing all the days of a month, even if some days had no transactions.

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Jan 162013

There are many use cases for generating a sequence of values in SQL Server. I'm not talking about a persisted IDENTITY column (or the new SEQUENCE in SQL Server 2012), but rather a transient set to be used only for the lifetime of a query. Or even the simplest cases – such as just appending a row number to each row in a resultset – which might involve adding a ROW_NUMBER() function to the query (or, better yet, in the presentation tier, which has to loop through the results row-by-row anyway).

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