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SQL Server 2019 Cumulative Update #1

January 10, 2020 by in SQL Server 2019 | No Comments
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Itzik is a T-SQL trainer, a co-founder of SolidQ, and blogs about T-SQL fundamentals and query tuning.

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Earlier this week, Microsoft announced SQL Server 2019 Cumulative Update #1.

The build number is 15.0.4003.23 and there are 83 fixes and improvements! A couple of interesting fixes to me were the ones involving how well "worker stealing" — an optimization that leads to more balanced workloads — plays with other features. Also, CHECKDB can now detect (and properly report) corrupt stats blobs (when you use EXTENDED_LOGICAL_CHECKS).

You can read about all the public-facing fixes and improvements in KB #4527376. (As usual, there are some fixes that aren't (yet) documented.)

To download:

When SQL Server 2019 was first released, it shipped with a GDR update on the same day, and my recommendation at that time was that you should absolutely include the GDR in any deployments. Now my recommendation is to absolutely include CU1 in all of your preparation, testing, and deployments. Build a slipstreamed installer once (Randolph West explains this process for 2017 here), and use that for consistency across your environment. Then you only need to update one source when you're ready to test CU2, CU3, and so on. Bookmark this latest builds page to stay on top of future updates.