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Nov 142012

Here's a quick tip for you:

During some restore operations in SQL Server, the transaction log redo step might be taking an unusually long time. Depending somewhat on the version and edition of SQL Server you've installed, you may be able to increase performance by tinkering with the readahead performance for the redo operations. To do this, you should use the MAXTRANSFERSIZE parameter of the RESTORE statement. For example, if you set MAXTRANSFERSIZE = 1048576, it'll use 1MB buffers.

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Oct 172012

One of the things that's simultaneously great and horrible about the Internet is that, once something gets posted out in the ether, it basically never goes away. (Some day, politicians will realize this. We can easily fact check their consistency.) Because of longevity of content posted to the Internet, a lot of performance tuning topics become "zombies." We shoot 'em dead, but they keep coming back!

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